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  1. Enhanced noise immunity multilayer piezoelectric transducer
    US20220187112A1, Christoph Klieber, and Christian L. Bies.
  2. Coherent Noise Reduction in Ultrasonic Data
    US20190304106A1, Christoph Klieber, Mikhail Lemarenko, and Sylvain Thierry.
  3. Systems and Methods for using Stoneley Waves for Bottom-Hole Proximity Detection
    US20170192117A1, Christoph Klieber, Bertrand du Castel, Martin Luling, and David Linton Johnson.
  4. Flexural Wave Measurement for Thick Casing
    US20180328163A1, Christoph Klieber, Andrew Hayman, JL. Le Calvez, and Thilo Brill.
  5. Apodization of Piezo-Composite Acoustic Elements
    EP15290312.6, Christoph Klieber, Mikhail Lemarenko and Andrew Hayman.
  6. Resonance-Based Inversion of Acoustic Impedance of Annulus Behind Casing
    EP15290308.4, Christoph Klieber, Mikhail Lemarenko, Sylvain Thierry, Sandip Bose and Smaine Zeroug.
  7. Techniques for Removing Interface Noise from Acoustic Log Data
    EP15290325.8, Christoph Klieber, Mikhail Lemarenko and Thilo Brill.
  8. Method and System for Fracture Detection using Acoustic Waves
    US14983701, Christoph Klieber, Ralph M. D'Angelo, Kenneth W. Winkler and Mikhail Lemarenko.
  9. Systems and methods for cement evaluation calibration
    EP2886794A1 / US20150177198A1 , Christoph Klieber, and Silvain Thierry.
  10. Interlaced Ultrasonic Array Tool design and operation
    EP17290128.2, Christoph Klieber.


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