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Dr. Christoph Klieber

Honeywell Process Solutions
Steinern Str. 19-21
55252 Mainz-Kastel

+49 6134 6050



Short CV:

I am a physicist accomplished in research and development with extensive experience in sensor and measurement technologies. Working at the intersection of research and engineering, I have a proven record of transforming research results into reliable services and applications by understanding measurements in great depth.

I am known for making the most challenging measurements possible and leading interdisciplinary teams to develop large, automated data acquisition projects. My unique strengths make me a strong contributor to both technical and business success—my work often reveals unexpected findings, which I am skilled at presenting in a way that is tailored to my audience and results in actionable feedback.

I received my Diploma degree in Physics from the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich in 2006 and my PhD in acoustics and laser physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2010. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Le Mans (France), I joined Schlumberger Oilfield Services in 2011 where I worked at Research and Technology Centers in Boston and Paris. I developed sensors and commercial nondestructive measurement services operating in challenging environments (exceeding temperatures of 175°C and pressures of 2000 bar) and conducted research at Schlumberger and in conjunction with MIT and CNRS. Early 2018, I moved to Germany for R&D new product developments at Honeywell gas flow measurement services.

Research & Development Interests:

  • Optical and acoustic sensor development, phased arrays, noise analysis & reduction
  • Sensor based interaction with the surrounding environment (e.g. tomography, time reversal techniques)
  • Guided modes (Lamb modes, tube and Stoneley waves, surface waves)
  • Optical spectroscopy, interferometry, optical imaging techniques, femtosecond laser systems and optics
  • Nondestructive evaluation (NDT, e.g. cement quality evaluation of oil and gas wells, rock/borehole fatigue and failure prediction)
  • Nonlinear wave phenomena (in particular nonlinear acoustics, shock waves)


  • German Physical Society (DPG), mentoring of PhD physicists entering into an industry position
  • German Acoustical Society (DEGA), member of the ultrasonic technical expert committee
  • Member of doctoral supervision committee, 3MPL Doctoral School, Université du Maine, Le Mans, France
  • Academic Reviewer/Referee at Acta Acustica

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